Every year, tons of plastic trash fall into the ocean, shredding into pieces that are found virtually everywhere, from the surface to the bottom of the sea.

In my ‘Utopian Luster’ series I intend to document this uneasy, ‘suffocating’ relationship between humans and nature. The plastic bags I used for the project are all sourced from the streets and the beaches around the area where I live. I see my practice as a distillation of my thoughts and emotions that surfaced when I started to notice plastic bags everywhere.

Part of the project consists of people’s portraits, covered with plastic bags, as metaphors to a plasticised world in an attempt to stress literally the limits of our condition.

My ‘Utopian Luster’ project refers to the malleability of plastic, becoming a metaphor for shifting identities and curving styles. The counterfeit meaning of plastic is amplified and applied as a term to personalities as well as to things.